Wilderness Education Base

The development of the “Wilderness Education Base” within Opouahi Scenic Reserve is a significant step towards achieving the vision of the Environment, Conservation and Outdoor Education Trust (ECOED) i.e. “Hawke’s Bay students learning, conserving and challenging themselves in the natural environment supported by their community”.

Situated on the land alongside the Pan Pac Kiwi Crèche, the Wilderness Education Base offers a range of outdoor education opportunities in the bush, on the lake, in the caves and on the rock.

Over the past three summers, ECOED have been developing and trialing a sustainable educational model with students from Taradale Intermediate School, and more recently with William Colenso College, Hastings Boys High School, and Kereru School. The trials have been very successful at building an understanding of the capacity of the site, empowering the teachers to lead in the outdoors, integrating environmental and outdoor learning, and keeping the cost of being in the outdoors to the minimum.

Facilities have been kept basic to ensure an authentic outdoor experience, but each camping area includes a large open shelter with removable sides, sinks, benches, storage for gear, toilets, running water and tent sites. There are three separate camping areas and each site is suitable for approximately 30 students.

Being part of the Wilderness Education Base experience is more than just a place to stay, it is a journey and commitment to align with ECOED’s values, and with support from the ECOED team, to develop meaningful, experiential learning in the outdoors.

If you think this sounds like something you and your school management would like to be part of contact us.