Kaweka Kiwi

The Kaweka Forest Park contains a small, nationally important wild population of Kiwi. South of Hawke’s Bay the North Island Brown Kiwi is effectively extinct. If left unmanaged our local Kiwi population will also become extinct, as 95% of juvenile Kiwi are killed predominantly by stoats and dogs.

Our goal is to restore a population of 2,000 Kiwi in the Kaweka Forest Park. To date, Kiwi have been released adjacent to Lotkow and Kaweka roads. More recently a population is being built near Makino Hut and we propose to seed Kiwi into the Middle Hill Hut area next season.

To assist us in building our Kiwi population no dogs are allowed in the park unless they have been kiwi aversion trained.


For more information about aversion training Click here to contact the Department of Conservation.

for more information about aversion training.