Pan Pac Kiwi Crèche

9km inland from Tutira sits the Pan Pac Kiwi Crèche,
a 40ha pest-free area surrounded by a 3.3km pest-proof
fence. Kiwi chicks are rescued from the wild and brought
to the safe haven to grow.

When they are a 'stoat-proof' size (approx 800–1,000gm) they are released back
into the wild.

The créche was officially opened in 2008, and in March 2011 we celebrated the
100th kiwi release.

The Pan Pac Kiwi Crèche is open to the public all the time.  However if you’re a school teacher and want to visit with your class, you can join us on a kiwi health check.  Health checks are
carried out most Tuesdays when chicks are at the créche (usually November–May).

If your school or community group is interested in visiting and being a part of a health check please contact us.

Pan Pac Kiwi Crèche.JPG

Click here to view a PDF of the Road Map for Pan Pac Creche

Road Map for Pan Pac Creche.jpg