What makes Kiwi special?

Kiwi are our national icon and they:

  • Are endangered and found only in New Zealand.
  • Are a bird but can’t fly although they do have a tiny wing.
  • Defend themselves with the sharp claws on their feet.

How many kiwi are left?

  • Although there are estimated to be 20,000 North Island Brown Kiwi remaining
    in the North Island, they are now locally extinct south of Hawke’s Bay.
  • It is estimated that there are approximately 1,000 kiwi left in Hawke’s Bay. 

What’s killing our kiwi?

  • 95% of kiwi chicks are killed mainly by stoats and dogs.

      What is ECOED doing?

      • We have constructed a 40ha pest-free area (Pan Pac Kiwi Crèche)
        where kiwi chicks grow up.
      • We remove chicks from the wild, take them to the Pan Pac Kiwi Crèche
        where they can grow up in a safe environment. Once  they are able to
        defend themselves we then return them to the wild.
      • To date we have raised more than 120 kiwi chicks.

      What can you do?

      • Don’t take your dogs and cats into the bush unless they are aversion trained.
      • ECOED needs a variety of skills to continue and grow our work from
        weed control to marketing

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