Save our Kiwi

The predation of kiwi chicks by stoats and dogs have reduced the number of Kiwi in Hawke’s Bay to approximately 1,000. Without active management Kiwi will become locally extinct within 10 years. In response, ECOED has initiated the...

'Save Our Kiwi Hawke’s Bay' programme. 

The long-term objectives of the 'Save Our Kiwi Hawke’s Bay' programme are to:

  • Maintain and enhance our local Kiwi population and;
  • Use Kiwi to promote environmental and outdoor education.

To date:

  • More than 120 Kiwi chicks have been rescued and released into the wild in
    Hawke's Bay and;
  • A 40ha pest free area has been established – the 'Pan Pac Kiwi Crèche' at
    Lake Opouahi Scenic Reserve, 9km inland from Tutira.